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About Yemen

Yemen MapPopulation
20 million

Yemen is situated on the south western part of the Arabian Peninsula.

527,970 sq km.


International Calling # (967)
Sana'a ( 01) , Aden ( 02 ), Hodeidah (03), Taiz (04), Mukalla (05)

Ruling Body:
President of Yemen and government ministers

Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken. German, French is spoken by Hotel staff and tour guides.

With over 500,000 squared kilometer, a highly diverse landscape is spread all over Yemen. From the high mountains to the steep valley, with over 150 km of coast line over the Red sea and the Arabian sea.

Yemen is predominately divided into five Physical Features namely:

  1. The Mountainous Region
  2. The Plateau Region
  3. The Coastal Region
  4. The Ruba al Khali Region
  5. The Yemeni Isles Group


The climate differs from a region to another according to reliefs and the nearness to the equator, the climate degrades from the hot-wet orbital climate to cold climate.
In general the climate of the Republic is distinct by high temperature in the coastal regions and by the rate of humidity in summer and moderate in winter.

But in the internal and in the mountainous regions the climate is marked to be moderate in summer and cold in winter.

Yemeni Rails
1 USD = 225.00 YER (May 2010, subject to vary from time to time)

G.M.T. + 3 hrs. all the year.


Photo Gallery
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